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Scientists have found alien DNA raining down on Earth

Scientists Have Found Alien DNA Raining On Earth maststatus

Scientists have found evidence of aliens on Earth. The end may be near, as the evidence of alien DNA found by Professor Milton Wainwright and his team at the University of Sheffield is chilling. Aliens might actually be raining down on Earth, since the scientists involved in the study said the extraterrestrial DNA came from somewhere in outer space. This may be the first stage of the UFO invasion, as a prediction has been made for the end of 2017.

Scientists confirm that alien DNA falls to Earth from space and would be the strongest evidence ever

DNA from aliens raining down on Earth resembles a fetus, scientists say. Images of extraterrestrial life have been released, and this is perhaps the strongest evidence yet for extraterrestrial life. New space life has been discovered in the stratosphere above the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Researchers say space particles contain carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Interestingly, these are the basic elements of life.

Scientists have made similar discoveries on Earth; Alien DNA can be everywhere

DNA scientists found on Earth are perfectly symmetrical, and this evidence suggests aliens are coming. Professor Wainwright has also discovered other forms of life in space. Life forms like dragon, bull and skull particles. Wainwright says life exists in space and its genetic makeup is still raining down on our planet. His team is in no doubt that their discovery is indeed extraterrestrial in nature.

Life Forms Are Implanting Humans To Control Our Minds As Alien UFO Invasion Is Coming Soon

DNA from aliens raining down on Earth may actually be a clever way to control humans. Scientists should start studying how this genetic code can destroy human existence. After all, an alien invasion is going to take place in 2017, and this may be the first wave of attack. If you want more alien-inspired stuff, check out the book DNA of the Gods by Chris H. Hardy Ph.D., available on Amazon.

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