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Aliens are smart because they don’t have hair

Scientists: Aliens are smart because they don't have a hair clap

Scientists may have found the genetic link between humans and aliens. It could be in our hair. Evolution may have made us the most intelligent species on Earth. Not because of our brain size, but because of our hairless nature. And if you think about aliens and their advanced technology, they also lack hair. Images of most aliens are discolored hairless bodies with large heads and big black eyes. This representation could be quite accurate if you focus on their unique intelligence. Scientists think we’re smart because of our lack of hair, so why not our neighbors in space?

Scientists, Charles Darwin, Apes and Aliens; our lack of hair can be a sign of our intelligence

Compared to other mammals on Earth, humans have less body hair and more intelligence. And scientists think our lack of hair may have something to do with our brains. Charles Darwin believed that we came from primates, such as monkeys or chimpanzees. And he also suggested that humans lose their hair due to their sexual preferences. Other evolutionary-minded researchers don’t think so, since lack of hair would have to be in place to develop a sexual preference for them. Who is right?

Being hairless should have held humans and aliens back, but scientists changed their minds

Scientists and Darwin would agree that hairless humans would have been evolutionary negative. Hair is essentially a coat that protects animals from the elements and dangers of the Earth. There must be something that caused the hairs to disappear? It is similar to the upright posture of humans. Getting up and walking should have been disastrous for humans. It exposed our most vital organs. However, humans continue to thrive and continue to be highly innovative. And aliens too.

Aliens are humans from the future visiting Earth to observe and warn us; scientists and officials know

Many believers suggest that aliens are simply future humans traveling through space and time to send messages to humans today. This theory, of course, is strange, but would make sense if you compare our hairless similarities. They may have even evolved further, losing all of their hair, ethnicity, and gender. These new traits could explain their advanced intelligence and technology.

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