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How Bitcoin Influences Online Dating

How Bitcoin Influences Online Dating

As you know, everything has a root cause. The appearance of the famous Bitcoin is the result of the growth in the importance of modern technologies in our lives. First, the developers of this cryptocurrency intended to create an anonymous payment system, which facilitates monetary transactions as much as possible. However, unlike the usual services like VISA, the strong potential of Bitcoin is capable of changing the world. The entire cryptocurrency system is not tied to the global economy, gold standard, fixed assets, or anything else. The value of Bitcoin is supported by many of its advantages, and the same happens with Ukrainian brides who, thanks to their natural attractiveness and character traits, enjoy popularity all over the world. And considering that some online dating services have security issues, it’s interesting to know if blockchain can become a ring of security.

Which Online Dating Sites Have Used Blockchain Before?

The online dating service is a $4 billion industry in North America alone, and its average annual growth is around 12%. As you can see, online dating is a legal and profitable business, and its legalization encourages a large number of people to download dating apps and immerse themselves in the pool that is full of attractive strangers. It is quite strange that despite constant improvements, which many dating sites are proud of, only a few of the sites use blockchain technology. Of course, Bitcoin has also had its ups and downs, even though it is considered a transparent cryptocurrency. Its fluctuations and volatility make companies avoid using this cryptocurrency; nevertheless, they apply blockchain technology, allowing you to perform all transactions with cryptocurrency. So today you can upgrade your OkCupid profile with Bitcoin currency. Nowadays, the current position of Bitcoin is quite stable, so you can safely shop online using this type of currency. The developers are working on the possibility of making payments in real life, using specific applications on your smartphone.

Promoting Online Dating Services Using Blockchain

You might agree that no one really cares what the reality will be with Bitcoin itself, but everyone is sure that blockchain technology will become our reality in all its forms and manifestations. Some online dating services are serious about setting it up, and they believe this technology will be a game-changer. People using these services will be able to store tokens and verify for each other. You know, the majority of dating services aim to create full-fledged alternatives to regular dating sites, which have complicated algorithms that make the fitting process difficult. The great principle of Bitcoin lies in the decentralization of the usual currency and the creation of a transparent service, which thus destroys the hidden process. Users will respond to identity verification requests, and their profiles will get additional scores and status. Additionally, any troublemaker will lose their tokens and users who actively participate in solving the challenge will be rewarded.

Improved scam protection system

The main purpose of dating services is to encourage people to actively use their dating sites and apps to increase their chances of meeting their loved ones. Additionally, they hope blockchain will help address security issues.

The more advanced user profile verification system will help block scammers since their personal data will be like under a microscope.

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