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Scientists: Extraterrestrial life detected on the Sun

maststatus Scientists: Extraterrestrial Life Detected on the Sun

Scientists have discovered missing pieces in extraterrestrial communication, and these puzzle pieces can be found in sunlight. In fact, a researcher at home discovered extraterrestrial life in sunlight. He discovered that they also use light to communicate. Have aliens observed humans on Earth since the dawn of time? Bentlight.com turns the tables and uses curved light to watch and talk to aliens.

How can the sun be used to speak with extraterrestrial leaders from space, and what is bent light?

The bent light uses frequency and vibration to talk to aliens. Tune to high frequency using water vibrations to bend sunlight. Bentlight.com explains that water’s memory retains information because sunlight creates a wavelength. The metal is then used to read the shape of the light particles. Once the particle shapes are found, photos are taken to capture the images. It is simply a quantum entanglement used to obtain the information about space.

A water bottle can even be used to bend sunlight and decode alien messages

The sunlight you and I see is not as simple as it looks. It’s actually riddled with alien code. According to the research of bent light experts, there is a hidden layer underneath what we see. In fact, a water bottle can be used to bend the light and bring out space code from aliens. What are the aliens saying? Interestingly, the light-bending researcher says he’s built trust with the aliens over time. He says he is getting closer to the truth.

Scientists Have Opened Pandora’s Box In Space By Using The Sun To Talk With Aliens; the apocalypse is upon us

The window into space and time that scientists have opened by using the sun to talk with extraterrestrial leaders could have a big impact. A cosmic microwave background was created when our universe collided with another long ago. Finding the threshold could unlock the door to the multiverse. Aliens use light to communicate with each other. And naturally, they also travel at the speed of this one.

Will it defy God and bring about the apocalypse? A wonderful book, Other Earths/Alien Life by Kenneth Paul Dykstra allows Christians to look at NASA missions in a new way. It really is Christian Space Exploration, available on Amazon for $10.50.

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