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FBI and MI5: “The Chinese government is determined to steal your technology”

The heads of the FBI and Britain’s Homeland Security Service have shared a platform for the first time to issue dire warnings about the threats posed by Chinese government spy operations, BBC News reports. FBI Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum spoke at a joint event at MI5 headquarters in London before an audience of business CEOs and senior university officials .

“The Chinese government is determined to steal your technology – whatever it is that makes your industry work – and use it to undermine your business and dominate your market,” the official said. the wall street journal reports Wray said in the speech. The FBI director added that the benefits of keeping technology confidential can sometimes outweigh those of gaining access to the Chinese market.

“Maintaining a technological advantage can do more to increase a company’s value than partnering with a Chinese company to sell into this huge Chinese market, only to find the Chinese government and your partner stealing and copying your innovation,” Wray said, adding that it poses “an even more serious threat to Western business than even many sophisticated businessmen realized.”

In their speech, the two allege that the Chinese government is engaged in a “coordinated campaign” to gain access to important technologies and to “cheat and steal on a large scale”. They added that the Chinese government’s hacking program dwarfs that of all major countries and has a global network of intelligence operatives. The threat means MI5 is carrying out seven times more investigations into Chinese activities than four years ago, while the FBI is opening about two new counterintelligence investigations every day, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“Today marks the first time that the heads of the FBI and MI5 have shared a public platform,” MI5’s McCallum said. “We do this to send the clearest possible signal about a huge common challenge: China.” He added that the threat is “real and pressing” and that it could be “the most decisive challenge we face”.

In terms of specific examples, MI5’s McCallum cited the case of a British aviation expert who was offered a job by a company that was effectively a front for Chinese intelligence officers seeking to acquire technical information. on military planes, BBC News reports. Another engineering firm nearly struck a deal with a Chinese company, only to have its technology taken and the deal canceled. The incident forced the company into bankruptcy.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Pengyu, denied the allegations, telling the Associated press in a statement that the country’s government “strongly opposes and combats all forms of cyber-attacks” and “will never encourage, support or tolerate them.” The Chinese government maintains that it does not interfere in other countries’ affairs, but will defend itself against cyberattacks. The statement criticized “American politicians who have tarnished China’s image and presented China as a threat with false accusations”, the wall street journal reports.

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