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Top 10 Incredibly Irresistible Offline Games

Top 10 Incredibly Irresistible Offline Games

Gaming is the perfect pastime for those who are low on data and unable to locate a WiFi connection away from home. Offline games are the best way to have fun without spending huge data for loading and updating; these games can be played without an internet connection and are easily available for different mobile platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android. In this article, we will discuss some of the best offline games which are extremely designed for avid gamers.

Top 10 Incredibly Irresistible Offline GamesGames Rovio: Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Everyone knows the Angry Birds. This game is considered as one of the best pastime games. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the best version of the whole series of Angry Birds which managed to attract many people. The game introduced incredibly attractive new characters with the same annoyed looks. Just download the game from your respective game store and enjoy flawless gaming fun.

Samurai 2

The Samurai 2 is a diverse game for gamers looking for an exciting and adventurous gaming experience on their smartphone. The game has a specially designed stunning battle theme with premium graphics. The game’s smooth controls also enhance the overall gaming experience and take you to a whole new level of entertainment. The gorgeous action and extreme graphics add a fine touch of excellence to the game. Moreover, the game’s AI is significantly improved. Samurai 2 is one of the best games that guarantees extraordinary fun.


Badland is a unique 2D game that features a continuous run through a dark forest with obstacles and difficulty levels. As a player, you have to run through the strange forest facing various obstacles and traps meant to add obstruction in your path. You can enjoy this game with your friends or play individually. Additionally, you can choose the difficulty level.

Infinite loop

Infinity Loop is one of the admired games which is simple and relaxing. It allows various curved shape objects to be connected to create a complete shape without any interruption. Additionally, the game has a dark mode where you have to break down the entire shape into smaller individual components to get a smaller piece of the shape. You can play this game for long hours without getting bored. The best thing about this game is that it consumes 4.5MB of space on your device.

Airborne Asphalt 8

Asphalt is the first racing game. It has millions of downloads and a large fan base. The game has great graphics that take you to the next level of entertainment. The game runs quite well on the supported device without any lag. You can choose the desired sports car and eventually unlock the demanding cars by clearing the different laps and levels in the game. Moreover, the audio quality of the game is superior.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is a fantastic 3D racing game featuring minions running to collect bananas. It is one of the most lovable games that offers amazing 3D racing experience with the smart minions who have to complete some missions with hilarious weapons. Apart from that you have chance to fight with multiple villains such as vector in brand new 3D graphics. The game is available on major mobile app platforms.

Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns is a game specially designed for action lovers as the game offers the best action thriller gameplay with cowboys, vampires and bandits. You have to complete different missions with weapons and other accessories that help you protect yourself from rivals. This game is available on major gaming portals as well as Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Also, you can search the game’s API for Android devices if you are unable to download the game from the official online store.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The game is a successor of the popular PC game Plants vs. Zombies. The game finally managed to reach millions of hits after the launch of its latest version for mobile devices. It is an arcade game that features living plants that are resistant to zombie attacks. As a player, you can use the plants to fire corn missiles or watermelon attacks to defend yourself. It is a perfect entertaining game for anyone who needs a good pastime without an internet connection.

Coast race

Hill Climb Racing is perfect fun car racing game which lets you drive hilarious car with fun driver on mountains and hilly areas with adequate obstacles according to difficulty level. You can easily operate the car and adjust the speed and braking of the car to enjoy stable driving leisure. This game focuses on the different stunts including successful backflips which can even break your neck and other bones if not done correctly. The game is available for different mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. It is on the list of best famous android games. You can also search the APK file of the game by typing Best Free Games Without WiFi, and you will get relevant results.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a one-of-a-kind game that has surpassed millions of downloads since its launch. The game is based on endless snowboarding and the player has to collect coins on his way. Moreover, the game is simply designed with adequate graphics quality and good sound. As you go through different levels, the climate starts to change and increases the difficulty. The game is easy to install and is available on various mobile platforms from online stores like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.


All the games mentioned above are offline games and do not require a continuous internet connection and therefore can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Also, you don’t have to pay anything to download the games.

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