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Tomorrow, January 11, is a big day in the web3 universe. It’s The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day, a showcase of 12 groundbreaking early-stage startups building projects across web3, DeFi, NFT, and gaming.

Today, we reveal the final four startups ready to deliver their best five-minute pitch to a global audience, including some of the industry’s most influential founders and investors. People like Jonathan King (Coinbase Ventures), Mary-Catherine (MC) Lader (Uniswap Labs), Etiënne vantKruys (TRGC) and many more.

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And now, without further ado, here are the final four startups poised to impress investors:

Meet Candy Shop, a comprehensive solution provider designed to make NFT implementation and brand management hassles a thing of the past. Founded by Anson Cheung, this project aims to provide the entire NFT value chain from your own dedicated store.

Meet Coinfront, a digital banking and payment infrastructure for web2 businesses. Co-founder Ash Shoukr and team strive to develop the easiest way to accept and settle crypto payments.

Meet Knabu, a project specialized in secure transaction settlement. Founded by Gabrielle Patrick, the company is building a clearing infrastructure designed to enable businesses to leverage distributed ledger technology, become payment institutions or become electronic money institutions.

Meet Wallchain, an already profitable web3 anti-bot solution founded by Yurii Kyparus. The solution is designed to protect DEXs from MEV bots by getting inside user transactions and leaving no opportunity for bots.

Join us tomorrow – January 11 – for the Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day and see for yourself what the brilliant minds behind 12 emerging projects are building.

Register now for this free online event and reserve your place at the virtual table.

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