The sequel to M3gan will dance its way to theaters in 2025

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There were already rumors that Universal would be interested in a sequel to the film from director Gerard Johnstone and writer Akela Cooper. M3ganand it looks like that rumble is actually going to turn into something much sooner than you might have expected.

Variety reports that m3gan 2.0 – a sequel to Universal’s surprise viral hit about a singing, dancing, murdered best friend bot – is a chance, with Cooper returning to write the script alongside actresses Allison Williams and Violet McGraw, who will both reprise their respective roles . The first since its debut on January 6 M3ganhas grossed an astonishing $100 million worldwide against a modest $12 million production budget, making it exactly the kind of box office phenomenon that Universal and producing partner Blumhouse would be foolish not to capitalize on.

Interestingly, Universal hasn’t announced whether Johnstone will return to direct or whether Amie Donald or Jenna Davis – the actors who physically portrayed M3gan and voiced the puppet – will be involved in the sequel. But the studio has made it clear that it intends to m3gan 2.0 to hit theaters January 17, 2025.

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